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AS Golfbälle - AS Lakeballs - Our history

Our history

2005 - Start of the company

The company was founded in 2005.

2017 - Takeover of the company by Ingo Neuber, Moving to Saxony

In 2017 Ingo Neuber bought the company with the aim of further expanding and modernizing it.

2021 -  Relocation to a new warehouse to meet the increased demand

In 2021 the capacity is expanded because of the high sales figures.

2022 - Rebranding and website renewal

A big step for the company. AS Golfbälle becomes AS Lakeballs ! But not only the name is new. The website is also being redesigned in cooperation with w3work. You can now use the product finder to find the perfect ball. In addition to the many changes, there is also one thing that remains the same: our quality.

Environmental awareness & recycling

As a company, we try to reduce our carbon footprint. That is why you will only find used golf balls in our shop. These are collected from ponds on your golf courses, cleaned and sorted by us by hand. When packaging, we try to reuse packaging material. Finally, the package is delivered environmentally friendly by DHL.

AS Lakeballs - The Team

We are a small family business in the beautiful "Erzgebirge". Your satisfaction is important to each of us.

 The "AS Lakeballs Family" tries to arrange the fastest possible shipping for you every day.

Our quality is very important to us. That is why every ball is handpicked and sorted by us. This allows us to ensure the best possible quality for you.

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